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With us
Ukraine become stronger!

Areas of activity of JSC "Plant "Mayak" are:

  • development and manufacture of small arms:
       - infantry and tank machine guns of 7.62 mm (КМ-7,62, КТ-7,62, КТМ-7,62);
       - sniper rifles with 12,7 mm;
  • development and production of artillery weapons:
       - 120mm mortars;
  • production of components for small arms and special equipment (machine tools to install machine guns on the armored vehicles),
  • modernization and repair of armored vehicles (BRDM-2DP),
  • manufacturing and installation of armour nets,
  • production of special equipment of magnetic recording (RI-65B, RI-65N, Almaz-UP, Almaz-UN, Almaz-UBS),
  • production of electronic on-board storages of information for the needs of the aviation industry in Ukraine and foreign customers (EBN-64, EBN-12, EBN-12-T for aircraft and helicopters),
  • modernization and disposal of weapons, military equipment, military weapons,
  • export and import of products of military and special purpose.