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Mortar M120-15 MPM-44M


Mortar M120-15 is a smoothbore rigid system, charging is carried out from muzzle. The fuse from double charging and rear sight MPM-44M are installed on the muzzle part.
Assignment: for defeating of enemy troops and destroying fortifications by plunging fire.


Mortar M60

Mortar M60


Represents smooth-bore system of recharge is carried out from a barrel. The safety lock from double loading and the sight MPM 44M are established on a barrel.
Assignment: for arming the air assault infantry brigades and special operations teams.


Mortar M60-16


On the muzzle part an electronic sight is installed (the development of PJSC “Plant “Mayak”), which will show the distance to the target, the angles of inclination and the error to the wind.
Purpose: for the arming of aeromobile divisions and diversionary-reconnaissance groups.


Packing case for transportation of mines 60 MM Packing case for transportation of mines 60 MM