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Machine tool for machine gun KM-7,62


Upgraded three-legged machine tool KM-7,62, which is used for machine gun KM-7,62, was developed by L. Stepanov.To install the machine gun and firing at ground and air targets. Weight 4.5 kg. The basis of this structure is the principle of multi-functionality of all parts. Machine tool of L. Stepanov weighs 3.2 kg less than Samozhenkov machine tool. Also, an improved machine has 20 parts less than its predecessor. For strut, used in the process of anti-aircraft fire, the shooter uses the framework of the mechanism of vertical guidance. Bushing is the axis of mounting hind legs of the machine tool. On the back leg is possible to mount the box with tape. All this allows to transport the machine gun by one number of calculation, and change position without discharge of the gun machine.